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Page history last edited by Tara Bannon 11 years, 11 months ago

Helpful web sites for computerized selection.


Readers' Advisory

Gnooks is a fun way to find other books your patrons might like. 

Whichbook will pinpoint a perfect book for your readers by weighting characteristics such as funny/sad, sex/no sex, easy/demanding etc.. 

Reader's Robot from the Thompson Nicola Regional District Library System in Kamloops, British Columbia. 

What Should I Read Next? 

Find Me An Author! Pick books based on the author's picture

BiblioTravel - Pick books based on locale!


Listeners' Advisory

TuneGlue Makes artist suggestions based on bands you already like.


Viewers' Advisory

So far, I haven't found any cool tools that will work for movies like the sites above offer.

Here are some lists instead:

New York Times Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made

Alternative Reel's Cult Movie List

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