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Supper Sleuths

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(Culinary Mysteries)


Biggie & the Fricasseed Fatman by Nancy Bell

In the east Texas town of Job’s Crossing, Biggie Weatherford and her grandson J. R. investigate the murder of Firman Birdsong, the owner of the town’s new chicken restaurant. Every “Biggie” book ends with a recipe from Biggie’s cook, Willa Mae.


A Taste For Murder by Claudia Bishop

Sarah Quillam and her sister Meg run the Hemlock Falls Inn. But the businesswoman and the chef become amateur detectives when a reenactment of a seventeenth century witch trial turns all too real and a mock execution results in a real victim. First in the Hemlock Falls Mystery series.


The Trouble With Mary by Millie Criswell

She's unemployed. Her huge Italian family is driving her crazy. Her love life is nonexistent. So what does Mary Russo do? She opens an Italian restaurant and everything is going great. Until the handsome new Automotive Forum


restaurant critic gives her a scathing review. (Recipes included.)


Catering to Nobody by Diane Mott Davidson

Goldy Bear’s first mystery has the caterer from Colorado catering a wake (not her idea of fun). It only gets worse when Goldy’s ex father-in-law is poisoned from her food and her business is shut down. Goldy knows she can’t wait for the police to serve up answers. (Recipes included.)


Chocolate Quake by Nancy Fairbanks

Carolyn Blue has thrown in her dishtowel and taken on her dream job as a food writer. While visiting San Francisco, Carolyn discovers her mother-in-law has been arrested for first degree murder. Between the police, lawyers and even a few earthquake tremors, Carolyn finds time to do some investigating on her own. (Recipes included.)


Mumbo Gumbo by Jerrilyn Farmer

Spunky Madeline Bean, caterer to the stars, is in the middle of planning the biggest job of her career: catering the gala season wrap party for a hit TV show. But when the studio decides to film one more episode and the head writer mysteriously disappears, Maddie is offered a job on the staff. Soon some odd clues have Maddie wondering if the writer truly flew the coop or was written off for good!


Blueberry Muffin Murder by Joanne Fluke

Lake Eden, Minnesota is holding its first Winter Carnival and Hannah Swenson, owner of The Cookie Jar, is very involved contributing her delicious cookies and pastries. But when a best-selling cookbook author is found dead in Hannah’s pantry, Hannah and her sister Andrea join forces to catch a killer. (Recipes included.)


Don’t Cry For Me, Hot Pastrami by Sharon Kahn Ruby Rothman, rabbi’s widow and proud owner of a bagel shop in Texas, wins a free Caribbean cruise sponsored by her temple. But it’s a budget cruise with day-old dinners and portholes sealed with bubblegum. The good news: Ruby finds a new love - the bad news: he may be a killer.  


Death by Chocolate by G.A. McKevett

Former policewoman, now PI, Savannah Reid is hired to bodyguard a TV celebrity known for her chocolate recipes. When her client collapses after biting into a chocolate while taping her TV show, Savannah must find out who killed her.


Custard’s Last Stand by Tamar Myers

Witty Mennonite Magdalena Yoder is the owner of the DutchPenn Inn, a charming get-away for the wealthy in Hernia, Pennsylvania. When the wealthy Colonel Custard arrives to build a competing hotel that will put her out of business, Magdalena is not too worried. Until he’s murdered. (Recipes included.)


The Body in the Bouillon by Katherine Hall Page

Faith Fairchild, Massachusetts minister’s wife and former Manhattan caterer, is asked by her aunt to check into the death of a friend at a nearby retirement home. When Faith is mistaken for the kitchen help, she decides to go along with the idea to investigate.


If Cooks Could Kill by Joanne Pence

Newly engaged San Francisco chef Angie Amalfi is trying to pair up her best friend with a handsome football player. But when the new couple is connected with a murder, it’s up to Angie and her homicide detective fiancé to set things straight.  


Contributed by D. Anderson, Douglas County Libraries, 2006

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