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November 7, 2008

Page history last edited by Tara Bannon 12 years ago

CoRAIG meeting November 7, 2008 at CAL


Meeting Dates for 2009

February 4th – Highlands Ranch, Douglas County – Hosted by  Jill Kidder

May – all depends on when/if we can get a speaker, Central Library, DPL , 10:30 -6:00

August - Are you interested in hosting? Email Tara!

November - @ CAL

We will do all we can to avoid doing the third Wednesday of every month. We will try to switch up which Wednesday we meet on. 


Workshop in May

-    Please send all requests to Tara

o    I would like to ask David Wright to guest speak.

•    Readers’ Advisory Librarian at Seattle Public Library

•    Reviewer for NoveList, Library Journal, Kirkus, BookList

•    Accomplished public speaker

o    Using Technology in RA – podcasting, videos, etc...

o    I will ask Jenny LaPerriere, recent author of Merchandising in Libraries if she might be able to speak about creating displays.

o    Also interested in doing “interest” tables for several portions so you can gravitate toward genres, etc.


Updated Wiki




http://marvlas.adoforum.net/forum.htm - Check for updates and send any suggestions to Tara!



Unless anyone has any objections, I will carry this forward by meeting with the president of CAL and find out just what we need to do. I will report on this at the February meeting. 


RA Training

If anyone is interested in either receiving or giving RA training (outside of CAL) please contact me and I'm more than happy to play matchmaker.



          What's a Locavore? A locavore is a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food (typically within a one hundred mile radius). This is a very hot topic. Click on the link above for a list of titles.


Book Recommendation

How to Talk about Book You Haven't Read by Pierre Bayard

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