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Historical Christian fiction

Page history last edited by Tara Bannon 12 years, 1 month ago

If You LIke Historical Inspirational Fiction ... you might like these authors:


Aiken, Ginny

Austin, Lynn

Bacher, June Masters

Bell, James Scott

Bergren, Lisa

Blackwell, Lawana

Brouwer, Sigmund

Cavanaugh, Jack

Chaikin, Linda

Copeland, Lori

Cote, Lyn

Crawford, Diana

Crow, Donna Fletcher

Funderburk, Robert

Glover, Ruth

Hatcher, Robin Lee

Hickman, Patricia

Hoff, B. J

Hunt, Angela

Kirkpatrick, Jane

Lacy, Al

Leon, Bonnie

Minatra, MaryAnn

Miller, Calvin

Mitchell, Sara

Morgan, Kathlenn

Morris, Alan

Morris, Gilbert

Musser, Elizabeth

Oke, Janette

Peart, Jane

Pella, Judith

Peterson, Tracie

Phillips, Michael

Rizzo, Kay

Snelling, Laraine

Thoene, Bodie and Brock

Wick, Lori (some)

Windsor, Linda


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